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We speak to the Iranian artist, a highlight of the Focus section from Frieze Los Angeles 2023, about her experience as part of the Los Angeles diaspora and making work in the wake of traumatic news from back home

01 MAR 23

Jonathan Hepfer, Director of Monday Evening Concerts, introduces his immersive musical performance as part of Frieze Projects: Against the Edge

22 FEB 23

We speak to Alake Shilling about having fun at the fair with 'Buggy Bear', her signature character which features on artist-designed soccer balls for Frieze Los Angeles 2023

19 FEB 23

The artist talks about her performance for Frieze Projects which reflects upon the history of Bay Street Beach in Santa Monica, where Black people were able to find a safe haven during the early to mid 20th century

19 FEB 23

The curators of this year's public art program share their themes and highlights, from Chris Burden's 40-foot skyscraper to Basil Kincaid's wrapped airplane

18 FEB 23

Explore some of the best artworks, installations, projects and moments from the opening days of the fair at Santa Monica Airport

17 FEB 23

The artist’s series of panoramic wallpapers engage hand drawing, digital design and master craft in a narrative about technology and culture concludes at Frieze Los Angeles 2023

In Collaboration with Breguet

Reporting from Santa Monica Airport, where Frieze Los Angeles is bigger than ever

In Collaboration with Deutsche Bank

Jay Ezra Nayssan shares insights into the Frieze Projects program putting contemporary art in dialogue with cultural sites across Santa Monica and beyond

BY Jay Ezra Nayssan | 10 FEB 23

Curator Jay Ezra Nayssan introduces Cokes's project and the history of this avant-garde institution, featuring in Against the Edge for Frieze Los Angeles 2023

BY Jay Ezra Nayssan | 08 FEB 23

Take part in Buggy Ball at Frieze Los Angeles, featuring Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) and curated by Art Production Fund for the Frieze Projects: Now Playing program

03 FEB 23

The artist shows us Wilmington, ‘a part of LA that no one ever thinks about’, and reveals how signs, shipping containers and refineries, as well as his awe of James Turrell and the landscapes of John Constable, inspire his paintings

30 JAN 23

The artist and Sonic Youth musician chat about their longstanding friendship, favourite word in the English language and dream dinner party in the second instalment the video series from Frieze No.9 Cork Street

20 JAN 23

An empty nester must learn to find herself when her beloved canine goes missing

15 JAN 23

Winner of the Audience Award 2023. Feeling homesick after moving to Los Angeles, a young woman begrudgingly visits her great aunt where she discovers friendship, communal history, and her new city through a fresh lens 

15 JAN 23
The Russian Table transpires over New Years Eve, as a Soviet emigre family gathers together to celebrate the traditional holiday, however there are things that trouble this family and the night ends on a less than celebratory note
15 JAN 23
While on a walk, a man ponders an existential question. His broad contemplations play out in a kaleidoscope of daily life
15 JAN 23
Set against the backdrop of the criminal underbelly of Los Angeles, and told in small vignettes, a man comes to terms with love, religion, and choice
15 JAN 23
A young woman grapples with her sense of self in the aftermath of a relationship
15 JAN 23
He Died of an Illness Called Life is a story about the importance of the things we leave within the people we love rather than with them. Through the perspectives of both a Father and Daughter, this film explores the idea of the limited time as an adult and the eagerness of desire as a child


15 JAN 23